Due to confidentially I can only show the in-house work we’ve done. That said, here is the interesting and fun stuff, enjoy!

Companies I’ve worked with:

  • Director of Interactive Strategy, overseeing all SEO efforts while managing a team of 5 and interfacing with the executive team.

  • Consulted on 2.0 platform for SEO architecture as an employee of RH Donnelley that has bought the company.

  • Provided marketing strategy, SEO link building and operational consulting.

  • Provided Google analytics strategy and setup.

  • Taught room full of teachers and executive staff how to do SEO

  • Taught internal team how to do SEO through building content and links.

  • Setup and managed both SEO and PPC campaigns.

  • Managed SEO link building project.

  • Setup and managed both SEO and PPC campaigns.

  • Created and manage this property.


Pay Per Click Management for BloodBanker.org

Objective: Get fully registered and verified real users to Register to donate blood. Budget of $10,000 USD a month to be spent at Google Adwords.

Strategy: Appeal to the “altruistic segment” by tapping people’s emotion and provide social proof that signing up is worth the time. Market to the “money for blood segment” through greed and tapping into the get rich quick mindset.

Tactics: Optimize keywords to go after very specific niche that would signup and have the greatest chance for using the system.

Results: $6.10 direct customer acquisition costs.



BloodBanker.com SEO Link Building Campaign

Objective: Increase referrer traffic to BloodBanker.com pages to help with SEO link building efforts and also to diversify traffic sources.

Strategy: Make a long term content play by providing value on Yahoo Answers to increase quality traffic to BloodBanker.com

Tactics: Have researchers find specific questions about blood donation and provide a quality answer. Time invested: 2 hours a week, for 3 months.

Results: Many years after project completion the traffic is still coming and steadily increasing.

Shows the traffic we receive from investing time in Yahoo Answers. As you can see over time we’ve gained more traffic as Yahoo has grown and our content has gained authority status.



Android App Production and Promotions

Objective: Create new revenue streams using Android apps and cross promote and leverage existing properties.

Strategy: Get traffic and revenue to existing web properties by tapping into the Android App channels.

Tactics: Create and promote simple Android Apps that either frame a web property or wraps an ebook.

Results: Created lasting revenue streams.


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